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Kelley DeLuca reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has been attending Shihan's classes for nearly 2 years now. Within this time, he has quickly matured and his behavior has improved so much (I almost cant believe it!)! Not only does he learn Martial Arts, he also learns how to be a great person and good friend, discipline, manners, strength, confidence, and so much more from this program. I really enjoy watching him grow in every aspect of life! Ive also attended parent workshops that Shihan provides, which have helped me tremendously! I highly recommend Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts, you WONT be disappointed!

Brittany Onstead reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

Love skillz dynamic martial arts! My son has been here over a year. Shihan is amazing and this program has helped so much with my sons confidence, leadership skills and key assets like goal setting. It’s more than just martial arts it teaches them life skills that are essential to success even into adulthood that are not being taught anywhere else in their daily schedules. Highly recommend!

Dennys Pimenta reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

There are several reasons why parents should look for this program, the discipline, respect, the mental or body development but the one I like the most is the confidence Denny develop on his students/ninjas due to his disciplined fun way to teach them. My daughter who used to have confidence issues at school is developing in several different aspects of her life

Heidi Marini reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts is a positive atmosphere where your child learns skills that will help them through and into their adult life. My Son is learning how to be a leader, have confidence, work with others, and many more! I love watching him grow and learn every week!

Jeff Lido

My Daughter has been attending class with Shihan for four years. She has transformed from a shy, quiet, unsure of herself girl to a strong, confident, expressive ninja who stands up in class to profess her skills and is always the first to raise her hand with the loudest voice. The skills and lessons have been invaluable. This isn't your run of the mill karate class. Not everyone gets a trophy, they have to earn their awards through hard work and effort. Shihan has their best interest at heart and makes them improve with proper discipline.

Tiffany Dempsey

I highly recommend skillz dynamic martial arts. As a mom of a 6 year old boy struggling in many areas from self respect, confidence, communication to handeling his emotions it was very hard to find a program that worked on all these areas of life in one setting. I was introduced to skillz dynamic videos over a year ago!!! we are just now just finishing a two week trial. I regret not going a year ago. The facility is clean, welcoming, and you feel like a family from day one. The instructure is amazing with the kids and very experienced as well. My absolute favorite part of this program is the parent involvement. Many programs we have found focused more on one or the other, parent or child not both!!! The instructor not only supports your child but you as a parent as well!

Kristy Cox

My 7 year old has been attending classes at Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts for about a year and a half. In that time, I have seen such an improvement in him. He loves Shihan and doesn’t even realize the important life skills he is learning. I love the classes so much that I recently enrolled my 3 year old as well. How many 3 year olds listen, say yes ma’am, and do things because they have a “Yes I Can” attitude? Mine does and it’s because of these classes. Shihan is wonderful with all ages and abilities of the kids and teaches valuable lessons to the parents as well. I honestly cannot say enough about this program!!!

Michael Dyja

We love this program! Our son Logan is an only child, so we wanted an after school activity that he can interact with kids his age ( age 6 at the time). SDMA turned out to be the perfect choice. Shihan not only teaches karate, but has developed a program that teaches the kids what it means and takes to be an outstanding person. Logan is now 10 and is such a considerate young man. His teachers and principal at school always comment what a great kid he is, and what a leader he is also. I owe all that to SDMA. Shihan is constantly improving the program. If something works good, he'll work hard to make great. THANKS SHIHAN FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

Ken Arnott

LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio the instructor is not only helpful with my child he also is chalk full of knowledge that helps me out in tough times when im at my witts end and don't know what to do about my childs behavior. I recommend this place to everyone i am so pleased to see how far my Gavin has came since starting here. THANK YOU Shihan

Stephanie Wright

Love this program! This is NOT your typical karate program, but so much more! The kids learn life skills such as self esteem, respect, and discipline (for example, a challenge this month is for ninjas to make their bed every day). My daughter started this program shortly after turning three years old, and I have seen tremendous increases in her self-confidence, attention span, respect for teachers at school, manners, and overall behavior (in addition to physical development). Not a day goes by that her teachers don’t compliment her on her behavior, and I believe a large part of that is owed to this program. The instructor is incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to student success. It’s not very often that you get to see someone who has truly found his “calling” in life, but I believe Shihan is one of those people.

Grant Faulkner

Absolutely the best thing we've ever done for our son and for our family. In only a couple months we saw huge positive changes in our son's self-esteem, his confidence, his fitness, and his overall attitude. He’s always excited to come to class, and his growing pride and sense of accomplishment is a joy to see. More than just a karate school, through SDMA our son (and our family) is learning valuable life skills. Thanks Shihan Strecker!

Nicole West reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son Joseph loves Karate with Shihan! We tried another karate schools that was closer in location, but he kept asking for Shihan. In comparison, I was most impressed with the curriculum and organization at Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts, and I'm so glad we made the decision to return. The kids are all known by name and addressed individually throughout each class. Joseph loves it, and I have seen growth in him both as a karate student and as a young boy who displays confidence and shows courtesy and respect!

Amanda Russell reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has been going here since September and he absolutely LOVES IT!! I enjoy watching him learn new things and cant wait to see him advance in his belt colors!! I am so glad i choose to go here for him rather than another place!

Annamarie Macandog reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

One of the most rewarding decisions we've made in our daughter's development has been her enrollment at Denny Strecker's Karate. She has developed so many skills in just one year. The instructors are wonderful and the skills they teach reach well beyond martial arts, including reinforcing skills to be a good student, good friend, and good person.

Donald Kolosick reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

Nearly five years at the dojo now. My son, 12 year old who is autistic has really progressed under Shihan Strecker. He is doing things I would not have thought he could do. He's still very shy but his confidence has grown so much. I highly recommend this kid friendly, family oriented dojo.

Christopher Biddle reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

Absolutely love what I'm seeing both our daughters achieve in such a short time, and really like how the courses focus on life skills as well as physical skills

Scott Reno reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

We're only 6 weeks in and we could not be happier w/ the progress. Our near 4 year old is not the best listener, but we are already seeing changes. Still a work in progress to be sure, but we're on our way!

Lisa Sandor reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great place for karate and kickboxing. Instructor is awesome and looks forward to seeing you succeed

Denise DeGolyer reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

Denny Strecker's teaches kids not only karate, but how to become leaders. My son has been going there for over a year and the change in his self confidence and attitude has been life changing!

David Kaye reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

Caring, detailed, and family oriented are 3 terms that come to mind when thinking about this facility. You definitely don't want to pass up this school if you want to learn self defense, confidence, respect, or just get a great workout.

Sk Heinzman reviewed Prestige Martial Arts
via Facebook

We signed up my son last year when he was 5 to help him build confidence. Since then his more confident in everything and made improvements in all areas. Now, his twin sister has joined along with him after seeing how fun the class were. I love the fact that the classes focus on life skills but making it a blast for the kids!

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Our latest news & thoughts

Compared to What? Belief in Yourself is Key to Happiness

Today I wanted to talk about wrapping up our life skill of Belief, and having a strong sense of worth and a strong sense of belief in ourselves. Over the past week or two, I have heard a lot of people using comparisons in their life and comparisons are dangerous. We want to make sure that we are not comparing ourselves to other people. The problem with that is you set up the parameters of what you are comparing so you can either make yourself feel good, but more often than not, people make themselves feel bad. What I mean by that is if I compare myself to a homeless person, I’m great. I’m a king, I have everything you could ever dream and want. But if I compare myself to say, Bill Gates, I’m, I’m terrible. I’m awful, and I haven’t done anything with my life. So however you set up the parameters, you are setting yourself up to see success or failure.

People who believe in themselves don’t compare themselves to anybody else. The only comparison that we have is against ourselves,

Am I doing better today than I was doing yesterday?

Am I doing better today than I was a month ago?

That way, the challenge is always to improve ourselves and make sure that we are getting better. It doesn’t matter that Bill Gates has billions of dollars. He has worked hard. He has done his thing. He has followed his path, and that is what he has earned.

On the other hand, somebody who is living on the streets and has no money, that is unfortunate. I don’t have to compare myself them so that I feel better. And I certainly don’t want to compare myself to somebody who’s a lot better off so that I feel worse.

We want to start instilling this strong sense of belief in ourselves, in our kids, so that way, they don’t grow up and follow the trend of not feeling good because somebody else has something better. It’s always going happen, somebody is going have more money, somebody is going have a bigger house, somebody is going to drive a nicer car, somebody is going more handsome or prettier than you. It doesn’t matter. You only need to compare yourself to where you are at and what you are doing.

The life skill of Belief in ourselves is where we are starting this with the kids,  and therefore with the parents. We want you to be able to start doing this as well. Stop comparing yourselves to other people. It doesn’t matter. And definitely stop comparing your child to other kids. I hear this way too often.

“Well, I don’t think they should test for their belt because this other student is doing a lot better and they are the same belt color.”

It doesn’t matter. How are they today compared to how were they a month ago. If they have improved, then they definitely deserve the new belt. We are always looking for those small increments and improvements.

Parents sometimes set that bar way too high. They think their child has to jump over a mountain in order to receive a reward. We are looking for 1% improvement in ourselves, or in the child, in order to improve the belief in themselves. Then they will want to continue to want to try.

Think about this: if your child improves 1%, every day for the next year, how much more belief are they going to have in themselves? It’s going to be huge. So you want to make sure that you are doing that. If they improve 1%, if they do something well, give them a high five, congratulations or a reward.

Finally, an offshoot of this topic is the “I’m behind” theory. Again, that is comparing yourself to something or somebody else. “

Well, I should be over here because I was doing this or I have done that, so now I’m behind.”

It doesn’t matter.

There is no behind in life. Everybody is on their own path. Everybody is walking their own journey. You are at where you are at, now decide what to do.

How do we get to the goal?

We want to teach this to the kids so that way, they are always striving to do better with themselves and not feeling bad, because then it’s easy to give up.

They say, “It’s too hard.” Or  “I can’t.”

And as soon as they start to develop that negative mindset, everything starts to spiral into negative. We definitely don’t want to let them do that.

So making sure that our children have a strong belief in themselves by not comparing themselves to anybody else, and instead, only to themselves; how they are doing and where they are at right now, and teaching them that there is no behind in life.

Here is where we are today.
Here is where we need to be.
Let’s get started.

It is one of the big skills that I like to teach here at the karate school. What we are doing is so much more important than teaching a sidekick or memorizing a karate form. That is the essence of what I want to deliver to our students.