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Stephanie Wright

Love this program! This is NOT your typical karate program, but so much more! The kids learn life skills such as self esteem, respect, and discipline (for example, a challenge this month is for ninjas to make their bed every day). My daughter started this program shortly after turning three years old, and I have seen tremendous increases in her self-confidence, attention span, respect for teachers at school, manners, and overall behavior (in addition to physical development). Not a day goes by that her teachers don’t compliment her on her behavior, and I believe a large part of that is owed to this program. The instructor is incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to student success. It’s not very often that you get to see someone who has truly found his “calling” in life, but I believe Shihan is one of those people.

Grant Faulkner

Absolutely the best thing we've ever done for our son and for our family. In only a couple months we saw huge positive changes in our son's self-esteem, his confidence, his fitness, and his overall attitude. He’s always excited to come to class, and his growing pride and sense of accomplishment is a joy to see. More than just a karate school, through SDMA our son (and our family) is learning valuable life skills. Thanks Shihan Strecker!

Nicole West reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son Joseph loves Karate with Shihan! We tried another karate schools that was closer in location, but he kept asking for Shihan. In comparison, I was most impressed with the curriculum and organization at Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts, and I'm so glad we made the decision to return. The kids are all known by name and addressed individually throughout each class. Joseph loves it, and I have seen growth in him both as a karate student and as a young boy who displays confidence and shows courtesy and respect!

Amanda Russell reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has been going here since September and he absolutely LOVES IT!! I enjoy watching him learn new things and cant wait to see him advance in his belt colors!! I am so glad i choose to go here for him rather than another place!

Annamarie Macandog reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

One of the most rewarding decisions we've made in our daughter's development has been her enrollment at Denny Strecker's Karate. She has developed so many skills in just one year. The instructors are wonderful and the skills they teach reach well beyond martial arts, including reinforcing skills to be a good student, good friend, and good person.

Donald Kolosick reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

Nearly five years at the dojo now. My son, 12 year old who is autistic has really progressed under Shihan Strecker. He is doing things I would not have thought he could do. He's still very shy but his confidence has grown so much. I highly recommend this kid friendly, family oriented dojo.

Christopher Biddle reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

Absolutely love what I'm seeing both our daughters achieve in such a short time, and really like how the courses focus on life skills as well as physical skills

Scott Reno reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

We're only 6 weeks in and we could not be happier w/ the progress. Our near 4 year old is not the best listener, but we are already seeing changes. Still a work in progress to be sure, but we're on our way!

Lisa Sandor reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great place for karate and kickboxing. Instructor is awesome and looks forward to seeing you succeed

Denise DeGolyer reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

Denny Strecker's teaches kids not only karate, but how to become leaders. My son has been going there for over a year and the change in his self confidence and attitude has been life changing!

David Kaye reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

Caring, detailed, and family oriented are 3 terms that come to mind when thinking about this facility. You definitely don't want to pass up this school if you want to learn self defense, confidence, respect, or just get a great workout.

Sk Heinzman reviewed Skillz Dynamic Martial Arts
via Facebook

We signed up my son last year when he was 5 to help him build confidence. Since then his more confident in everything and made improvements in all areas. Now, his twin sister has joined along with him after seeing how fun the class were. I love the fact that the classes focus on life skills but making it a blast for the kids!

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Martial arts can be described as a system of training and combat undertaken for reasons ranging from self-defense, entertainment, competition and most especially for the physical and mental development of an individual. Over the years the activity which we now know as martial arts have evolved from what they used seen as with a wide variety of styles, tactics, and combats, we are now left with various options to chose from such as wrestling, kickboxing, fencing and so on. Martial arts has indeed experienced huge evolution from what it used to be known as during the Greek era.

Looking at the benefits of martial, we can point at the vital ones which are; for self-defense and to improve the physical and mental development of an individual. These benefits provided by martial arts have been of tremendous help to individuals for some, they are enabled to defend themselves from bullies and other attacks while for others, it has served as a medicine for the body and mind.

Martial arts have been seen to be a major contributor to stamina, speed, flexibility and the coordination of the body also contributing a great deal to building self-esteem, emotional and to some, spiritual well being. Therefore, in this regard, many schools have been established over the years with the aim of inculcating martial arts skills into their students thereby positioning them to enjoy the benefits thereof. One of such is Martial Arts Troy and Kids Karate Classes.

Issues faced by present-day kids

Most present-day kids are limited by some factors that work against their well-being, physical and mental state. Some of these factors include:

Low self-esteem: due to factors like bullying and others, most kids have had their self-esteem damaged; as a result, it builds a psychological feeling of weakness and losers in them. As such they don’t participate in games and other activities for fear they will be referred to as weak or being bullied by others making them feel inferior.

Lack of discipline and focus: unfortunately today one of the major innovations in technology “social media” is being abused by present day kids. Children now spend hours on various social media platform from facebook to twitter, snap chat and the rest of them, leaving important things unattended to thereby resulting to the decline in a child’s focus and inability to think about nothing but social media. As a result, most of their time is spent on social media platforms instead of engaging their brains in other developmental projects.

Fear and anxiety: some kids are afraid because they can’t defend themselves from any attack while others are normally nervous as a result of the feeling of oppression from other kids and at such may perform poorly in their academics or extra-curricular activities because anxiety affects a child’s mental performance. 

Introducing Martial Arts Troy and Kids Karate Classes

Martial Arts Troy and Kids Karate Classes is a program initiated to build the speed, agility, physical and mental coordination of kids by exploring and inculcating the therapeutic benefits of martial arts into its children martial art program, Skillz. Skillz, martial arts program, created by child specialists is designed to cater to the needs of kids in categories ranging from 3-15, thereby teaching them specific martial arts(karate) programs based on their category. This is done in order to efficiently take them through the four stages of child development.

Why Martial Arts Troy and Kids Karate Classes?

Troy Martial Arts and Kids Karate Classes aims at bringing the best out of kids thereby equipping them with the skills physically and mentally which is needed to guide children towards the path of success amidst their peers. Skillz Karate program aims at raising strong and healthy kids that will make them confident at the helm of affairs at various leadership-position in the growing world.

Benefits of Martial Arts Troy and Kids Karate Classes

Troy Martial Arts and Kids Karate Classes exploring the therapeutic benefits of martial arts provides the following benefits to kids in the skillz program. They include:

  • Improves the cognitive and behavioral abilities of a child: research has shown that martial arts help the child to develop the sense of discipline and preparedness which is very vital in order to enable the child to make decisions wisely and to inculcate in the child a sense of accountability towards a given task. With discipline and preparedness, a child will learn to make better decisions in life and achieve set goals or objectives. Therefore skillz karate program is equipped to develop the cognitive and behavioral abilities in a child to enable them to succeed in the outside world.
  • Improved mental alertness: martial arts also help in better coordination of the brain in children which makes them mentally alert for any tasks, thereby reducing anxiety. It has been discovered that when the brain works in a more coordinated fashion, children are able to easily provide solutions to tasks faster and better than when they are anxious. Skillz karate program helps for better brain coordination in children as their physical and mental capabilities are enhanced through their engagement in Karate.
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence: with so many cases of bullying among kids, the resultant effect is usually low self-esteem and lack of confidence. This has left a huge scar in the present generation of kids. Instead of smart and vibrant kids, we now have sad, afraid and reserved whose self-esteem has been seriously dented as a result of bullying from older ones. One of the benefits of karate is for self-defense, strength, and flexibility which is what a child needs to defend against bullying and other attacks. It is therefore in this regard that Troy Martial Arts and Kids Karate Classes was created, employing the best hands in ensuring that a child’s self-esteem and confidence is sharpened as stamina, strength, speed and flexibility is built.
  • It helps for a healthy lifestyle: as earlier pointed out Troy Martial Arts and Kids Karate Classes seeks to explore the therapeutical benefits of martial arts thereby inculcating them in kids which helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle through karate which helps to improve muscular activity in children for strength, speed, flexibility, physical and emotional well being of an individual. The future needs not just confident but healthy individuals; which is in line with Skillz’s goal.

Martial Arts Troy and Kids Karate Classes is solely set up to inculcate the therapeutical benefits of martial arts into kids in order to improve stamina, flexibility, speed, strength and the physical and mental functioning in kids. This is done to help them succeed in their future endeavors, expelling fear and anxiety by building their self-esteem and confidence.